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Network File System (NFS) Server 



Following are general steps to get the NFS server and share created -

Step 1: Set-up a NFS Server on one of the nodes or VMs.

Step 2: Create and export a NFS Share

Step 3: Mount the exported NFS share on all the Rancher Kubernetes Nodes

Kubernetes NFS-Client Provisioner

The nfs-client is an automatic provisioner that use your existing and already configured NFS server to support dynamic provisioning of Kubernetes Persistent Volumes via Persistent Volume Claims. You can use Helm Chart to deploy the nfs-client.

$ helm install stable/nfs-client-provisioner --set nfs.server=x.x.x.x --set nfs.path=/nfsshare

For additional details source code, please refer to -

For additional details please on Helm refer to -

Helm-based PNDA deployment on K8S cluster