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  • Carlos Giraldo
  • Kiran Ambardekar
  • Casey Cain
  • Subu Subramanian
  • Frank Brockners
  • Donald Hunter
  • Vijay Venkatesh Kumar
  • Cristina Precup

LF Migration

There is a meeting about PNDA Wiki and Jira migration tomorrow – Tuesday 5 Feb at 10am PST – which people are welcome to attend:


Frank mentioned that his main concern was getting wiki and jira logins migrated to LFID to make it easier for people to sign up to the PNDA project. Donald agreed that this is his main priority, other than getting the hosting migrated on to LF supported hosting.

February Meetings

Donald is on holiday for the next two weeks, returning on Monday 25 February. The regular scheduled meeting will continue and Casey will endeavour to give LF migration and Community Development updates. If anyone has agenda items for the upcoming meetings then please update the PNDA Community Meeting page.

Community Activity

There has been an uptick in activity on the PNDA google groups, primarily around installation on VMware using the beta functionality in PNDA 5.0. Donald has tried out the Packer and Terraform install process and has hit issues which he is investigating – using vSphere & ESXi 6.5 and running Packer on a Mac:


Cloud Native PNDA

We continued the discussion from last week about cloud native PNDA. Carlos has updated the Kube / Docker Image Choices page with more information about the docker images he has produced.