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Step 9) Install PNDA on eks with helm

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(helm install --name pnda --namespace pnda cloud-pnda)

Step 10) Setup DNS alias for external IP’s in Route 53 to access the DNS like within private network 

Step 11) Access the console front end from any one of the ec2 instance.


Step 12) Testing the deployment of SparkStreaming



  1. To test the deployment of SparkStreaming we have created an example app literary-word-count-app-wf-0.3.2.tar.gz.


  1.  To upload the package to the cloud-pnda platform: 
    1. kubectl -n pnda port-forward service/pnda-package-repository 8888
  2. It is possible to temporarily expose the package repository API with kubectl port forwarding:
    1. curl -XPUT "http://localhost:8888/packages/literary-word-count-app-     wf-0.3.2.tar.gz?" --data-binary "@literary-word-count-app- wf-0.3.2.tar.gz"
  3. You can see the uploaded package details under available packages in Package Management and then deploy the package by clicking Deploy button.

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5. After successfully deploying the package, create/install the application in the Apps Tab

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6. Verify the application on K8S cluster(Tested on Rancher cluster).

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7. To delete the application, you have to click on delete button of particular application under Apps Tab,

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Sample Spark Streaming example is in following Git repo,

Step 13) Clean-up

 Delete PNDA on eks cluster

% helm del –purge pnda

Delete EKS Cluster:

% eksctl delete cluster --region=us-east-2 --name=pnda