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 (Refer for Druid single node deployment.)

  • Along with the changes made from the above 6 components and corresponding documentation effort. the following tasks will be fulfilled:     

    1. Data ingestion through kafka/Tranquility

    2. Data ingestion status display in Druid console from PNDA console

    3. Sample OLAP queries from REST client

    4. (stretch goal)  The above can be verified in AWS Pico setup with the help from community.

Phase 2 - Integration of Druid cluster in Openstack Standard flavor & AWS Standard flavor

  • Same to phase 1, but extended to these 2 flavors.  

Phase 3 - Druid stand alone (lambda integration) vs server cluster deployment


  • Tranquility could be installed along with Druid as the real time event data injection mechanism consuming data from the data/message bus.


  • Expose the Druid native APIs.
  • Integrate with Spark , Flink and Hadoopand Flink as stretch goals from phase 2 (need more discussion).


  • TBD