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  • Alexei Nekrassov
  • Borislav Glozman
  • Carlos Giraldo
  • Kiran Ambardekar
  • Fabien Andrieux
  • Donald Hunter
  • Xin Miao
  • Casey Cain

LF Migration

Donald asked if any progress has been made on migrating the PNDA project services to Linux Foundation hosting. There has been letsencrypt admin work in the past week which was straightforward but time-consuming to deal with. Anything more complex could result in service outage, which would be best avoided. Casey will follow up on the LF helpdesk ticket.

Cloud native PNDA

Kube / container candidates

We discussed potential candidate upstream projects for Docker images and Helm charts. We started to make a list of available content so that we can describe the pros and cons for each component.

Kube / Docker Image Choices

PNDA component TODO list

We discussed the PNDA specific stuff on PDP-12: Cloud-native PNDA. We agreed that the platform deployment manager is likely the component that will need the biggest overhaul to deliver cloud-native functionality. Will start by documenting the features implemented by platform deployment manager.

Next Steps

Define a minimum value proposition for a Kubernetes cloud-native PNDA. Is this just Red PNDA orchestrated by Kubernetes?