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  • Alexei Nekrassov
  • Alok Gupta
  • Borislav Glozman
  • Carlos Giraldo
  • Casey Cain
  • Cristina Precup
  • Donald Hunter
  • Fabien Andrieux
  • Frank Brockners
  • Jason Vecchio
  • Julien Barbot
  • Nick Hall
  • Ramesh Kammath
  • Subu Subramanian
  • Trev Smith
  • Vijay Venkatesh Kumar
  • Xin Miao


  • Welcome
  • Agenda bashing
  • PNDA Status Report
  • Charter
    • Governance
    • Project structure
  • Community
    • Growing the community
    • End-user and developer needs
    • Meet-ups and community events
  • PNDA marketing activities
    • Marketing plan
    • Website refresh
    • Social media
  • Future development
    • PNDA development lab
    • Requirements gathering
    • Roadmap
    • Licensing considerations

Welcome / Introductions

A quick round-table of what attendees want for the community.

Agenda Bashing

Agreed to go ahead with the proposed agenda.

PNDA Status Report

Trev Smith gave a readout of the new features in PNDA 5.0 – detail in the release note –

  • Perimeter security with Knox as well as user sign-on across components
  • Revised ingest with Gobblin
  • Name based service resolution with Consul
  • Apache Flink integration
  • Experimental deployment to VMware with Terraform
  • Integration with ONAP as analytics platform for DCAE

Charter & Governance

Casey is working on a draft charter and governance document that he will share in time for discussion at a future weekly meeting.


  • Who gets to stand for TSC – committers or a mix of committers and community?
  • Who gets to vote for TSC members? 


We discussed the community preference for project structure – whether to remain as a single project or have sub-projects for different constituencies:


Preference seems to be to remain as a single project for simplicity. The project already has many modules so apps and integrations can be managed as modules.



Next Meeting

Agenda for 10 December 2018