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  • Separate out user input validation
  • Create two classes CloudFormationBackend and ExistingMachinesBackend that inherit from a BaseBackend class.
  • Move all functionality relating to deployment under BaseBackend, with overrides from CloudFormationBackend and ExistingMachinesBackend where target specific functionality is required.

Phase 2

  • Refactor pnda-env.yaml into below, to get little more organized for supporting multiple cloud infrastructures
    • pnda-cloud-infra.yaml – introduce 2 categories of config parameters (AWS & Openstack) and add respective network, connectivity & image details under them
    • pnda-env.yaml – to have common config parameters across cloud infrastructures with appropriate categories
  • Add new CLI argument to identify the underlying cloud infrastructure to be used (AWS, Openstack,  ExistingMachines)
  • Migrate functionality in pnda-heat-templates to pnda-cli and deprecate the former repository
    • Create class HeatBackend that inherit from a BaseBackend class
    • Align instance numbers with AWS by removing a dedicated vm for salt-master in pico setup
    • Align instance Key usage with AWS by having only one key for bastion & other nodes
    • Align kafka ingest interface config similar to AWS
    • No impact on pnda-dib-elements repository

Phase 3

  • TBD