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pageCommunity Meetings

To add a new Minutes/Agenda page

We have a page template just for meeting minutes, to make the agendas & minutes nice and consistent across all groups.

  1. Select the group from the list above
  2. Click the "…" button next to "Create" in the top toolbar
  3. Scroll down to and select "Meeting Notes"
  4. Edit the newly created page, updating/verifying at the the following:
    1. Tag the minutes with the appropriate label
      1. TSC - tsc
      2. Marketing - mwg
      3. Documentation - docs
      4. Infrastructure - Infra-wg
    2. The date in the page name: Please make sure this is the same as the date of the actual meeting, since it defaults to the date it's created. If you're creating an agenda page in advance of a meeting then the date will need to be changed.
    3. The event date: This is a separate page element under the page name. It may need to be changed as well (see item above).
  5. Publish the page.

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