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  •  Review Technical Community Document
    •  Project Roles
    •  Project Operations
    •  Project Lifecycle Forming the TSCLifecycle 
      •  May be good, just need to review and make a few tweaks.
    •  Forming the TSC 
      •  Pick 3? Pick from the 3 current active orgs. 
      •  Operations
      •  Election Mechanics
      •  Responsibilities of the TSC
      •  Subcommittees
  •  Release Planning
    •  Release Schedule?
      •  2x year
      •  Carlos Giraldo Rodriguez to help identify the release window.
      •  The first release in this cadence could possibly be in Q2.
    •  LTR?  Cannot support an LTR at this time.
    •  Testbed lab
      Dev Process
      • Follow up with OPNFV team to see if we can leverage their Pharos labs.

      Dev Process Carlos Giraldo Rodriguez to provide a proposal in email and to the next community meeting.  


        Master Branch 


        Feature Branch creation


        Developers forking from the Developer/Feature branches


        Pull/Merge Request Creation


        Design and code review


        Commit/Merge into Feature/Master Branch as per the process followed by Release Tagging

  •  Community PNDA Implementations
    •  What data to collect? (Org, Contacts, Early Evaluations, Formal Lab Deployments, Staging Deployments and Production Deployments (end user anonymized.) 
    •  Goal to deliver a Cloud-Native distro integration with ONAP sometime in ~6 months  Donald Hunterto reach out to ONAP.   
  •  Developer Diversity
    •  Customers using code but not contributing
    •  Community Metrics
    •  Internship / Outreach
  •  DocumentationDocumentation Casey Cainto update Donald Hunterand Community about who a good resource for migrating to RTD.   
    •  What platform / where do we store docs?
    •  ReadTheDocs / Sphinx ?
    •  "First Touch" Documentation
    •  Demos
    •  How-To Articles
  •  Vulnerability Management (Security Team) 
  •  JIRA WorkflowsWorkflows