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PNDA-4108 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • PNDA depends on metadata to be provided in order to organize data storage & processing
  • Currently, this metadata must be provided in a specific fixed format - a defined Avro schema
  • Not everyone wants to use Avro or incur the overhead of converting data formats on ingest
  • Therefore, it would be beneficial to have a mechanism that allows a range of common formats, continuing to mandate that the metadata required by PNDA *is* supplied but not being needlessly restrictive in *how* it's supplied

Backwards compatibility:

KiteSDK? No (Is not used by any of our examples or the community as far as we know)

Path structure?

  • Prefix? Yes
  • Source? Yes
  • Time? Yes

Use original Envelop for output? No

Consistency on the output schema? Yes.

Conclusion: This change require a major release number increment as the output schema will be altered.


  • Introduce concept of the PNDA canonical output datum schema (are old fields still needed past the HDFS path creation? answer was no if they are mapped, so we will use a simplified version) irrespective of the data type.
    Use a simplified version but consistent:
    • preserve host_ip: no (remove)
    • preserve src: no (rename to source)
    • preserve timestamp: yes
  • Introduce a configuration entity: 
    • That maps a topic to a family_id:
    • That maps a family_id to:
      • A Converter class name (PNDAAvroConverter, PNDAProtoBufConverter, ...)
      • A Converter class specific (mapping) configuration:
        • AVRO: schema, timestamp field name, source field name
        • Protobuf: timestamp field index, source field index
    • Support topic configuration/matching based on regex
  • Modify ingest to use this new configuration:
    • Extract the configuration based on the tropic
    • Ensure the record has an envelope that complies with the canonical output datum schema, create the envelop if needed
      • Topics that don't have a configuration entry will the data inserted in the PNDA envelop with source set to topic name and timestamp to ingest time. (back filling these entries will be a requirement when upgrading pnda)
      • Data that doesn't match the topic configuration will go into quarantine.
    • Use the mapper to extract the envelop data
  • Modify ingest to add support for Protocol Buffers as an alternative to Avro
  • Support basic schema version increment of the datum (this would probably require some indicator in the wire protocol and hence would break backwards compatibility or complicate ingest compliance to PNDA)


  • Phase 0: Design (PNDA-4184)
    • Define and document the details of the design choices including workflows.
    • Define PNDA canonical output datum schema
    • Define pnda.* metadata properties to store the input configuration in the avro file header metadata.

  • Phase 1: Using the existing Kite implementation (PNDA-4384)
    • Accept avro data and extract source/timestamp for use in standard envelope
    • Accept gpb data and extract source/timestamp for use in standard envelope
    • Accept any other data and create ingest timestamp & use topic name in standard envelope
    • Handle topics that miss either if the extraction data fields
    • What to map from input data is based on configuration from a stubbed client implementation
      • Define configuration data structure
    • Pass the extraction properties to the data writer (Kite)
    • Deployable on feature flag instead of regular ingest (different class in modules, feature flagged in salt)

  • Phase 2: Substitute Kite implementation (PNDA-4464)
    • for something else that gives functionally identical partitioning & file creation
    • allows to recuperate extraction properties and inject then in the avro envelop header meta data 
    • allows path flexibility depending on the source's field origin

  • Phase 3: Create data family & ingest configuration registry
    1. Simple externalized configuration of ingest (PNDA-4553)
      • User assigned Family ID
      • Use as fallback when no configuration is found in the Registry Service.
    2. Externalized ingest configuration registry service (PNDA-4465)
      • Organize data in suitable registry (use the integrated consul, Extending, ...)
      • Mechanism to create data in registrar, issue family IDs (a controlled list per deployment), map to topics, etc
      • Fill out the client implementation to use registry instead of stubbed data
      • Expose with REST API
  • Create CLI to configure the configuration registry (PNDA-4466)

  • Adapt the avro envelop schema. This will break backwards compatibility (PNDA-4609):
    • Drop the unused 'host_ip' field
    • Rename 'src' field to the 'source' field

  • Update existing examples and update platform-libraries (PNDA-4503)
    • to work with revised ingest mechanics (extract raw data, ...)
    • to work with new schema

  • Create GUI to configure the configuration registry (PNDA-4467)

  • Add usage documentation:
    • Simple registry config (PNDA-4468)
    • Registry service
      • UI
      • CLI
    • Platform-libraries

  • Add example code:
    • Add example Kafka producer with different (then output) avro schema.
    • Add example Kafka producer that pushes protobuf content
    • Add example dataset consumer that interprets the avro envelop info (metadata and fields)
      • and extracts the protobuf input data
      • and extracts the avro input data


  • Adds support for varied ingest schemas in Avro and Protocol Buffer formats
  • Adds support for topic configuration 

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