Cloud Native PNDA development guide on AWS EKS:

This document describes how you can setup Cloud Native PNDA on AWS EKS.


AWS CLI Installation and Setup:

Use following link for AWS CLI setup

Once setup is done then configure aws cli as per below,

                    $ aws configure

                    AWS Access Key ID [None]: Enter your access key ID

                    AWS Secret Access Key [None]: Enter your secret access key

                    Default region name [None]: Enter your region

                    Default output format [None]: json

Docker Installation:

Follow the steps as mentioned in an official documentation to install Docker,

Kubernetes(kubectl) Installation:

In your terminal run the following commands:

EKSCTL Installation:

Run the following commands in your terminal

 Helm client 2.14 Installation:

$curl -L | bash -s -- --version v2.14.3

$helm version