LFN Board Update

The LFN Board had a meeting last week where all projects gave a status update. These are the slides that were presented to the board:

PNDA LFN Board Review short.pptx

Future Development

We had a round-table discussion to get input on what people want from the project and what people would like to contribute to the project.

We agreed the next step is to gather a definition of the minimum viable product (MVP) lightweight PNDA requirements then define an architecture that can deliver it.

Please contribute to the page here: Minimum Lightweight PNDA Requirements

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Monday 7 January 2019.

Frank mentioned that several of us will be at the ONAP DDF and OPNFV PlugFest during the week of 8 – 11 January and anyone in the area is welcome to join us. There is a PNDA specific session on the agenda.