Take the work contributed to Red PNDA for containerisation and expand it to deliver a fully cloud-native PNDA.

PNDA Containerization Current State (red-pnda)

Red-pnda provisions a miniman set of PNDA components to enable developers writing apps targeted at the full PNDA stack. One of its last features is to deploy red-pnda as a set of docker containers to optimize resources compare to the monolithic Virtual Machine deployment.

A set of Dockerfiles are included in the red-pnda github repo to build the corresponding containers for each PNDA deployment unit. Dockerfiles currently admit a "version" build-arg to download the corresponding PNDA component release from its github repo. 

From the identified PNDA Deployment units we Highlight the dockerized ones.

PNDA-specific stuff

3rd party stuff